spring weekend

Is there anything better than a warm, sunny spring day, the smell of rain in the air, birds greeting each other,  actually feeling the heat of the sun, and not just basking in the cold winter light…and at 7:00PM nonetheless? The sweet liberation in shedding layers and sweaters and coats, and trading your winter boots for a pair of actual shoes (heels!); the reemerging of friends and neighbors, the straightening of your posture to open your heart to the cool winds, instead of shuddering and scrunching into the howling cold.


It was a LONG winter in Buffalo this year –  I tried not to complain, but I found myself rolling my eyes every once in awhile.  The way I see it, I got my money’s worth out of my coat and boots!  The past few weeks people have been slowly creeping out of hibernation, occupying restaurant patios on Sundays, meeting friends for walks in the park, bringing bikes out of sheds and garages, opening the sunroof on the drive in to work.  Spring is a rebirthing experience, an awakening for the senses, a reminder that there is more to life than our cozy homes, our stifling offices.


My favorite season has always been fall –  the beginning of school, the turning of leaves.  The smell of new books, fresh ink, and, of course, beautiful new day planners: empty, full of promise.  But something about this spring makes me want to run and jump and shed old habits and create new ones.  Maybe it’s my position as parent, seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes: the thrill swings re-installed on the playground, the wonder at the first thunderstorm of the season, the excitement of watching Nana’s garden begin to yawn and stretch and open to the sun.  Maybe it is the sense of promise in my April birthday, which happened to be the best birthday ever this year, meeting new people, forging new relationships, strengthening old ones.

Or it could be that, a young as I am, the realization of time, age, and how nothing can be reversed no matter how hard you try…that this very moment is the single most important moment I will ever know.  I need to bask in it, accept it, see it for what it is.  Accept MYSELF.

There is a sculpture by Auguste Rodine called “Eternal Spring”, a sensual marble piece the Metropolitan Museum describes as “full of awakening sensuality and implying neither guilt nor punishment to come.”  Nature, in this awakening season, reminds us of this lust for life – birds chattering and courting at four in the morning, lightning and thunder catching our breath, the buds on the trees bursting at the seams with life, flowers pushing their way towards the light.  A birthing, an awakening, and the earth feels neither guilty for the winter she cast upon us, nor qualms of what may come next. She simply loves what she puts forth today, thriving, basking, breathing.

This weekend, take a walk, soak it all in.  Open your eyes, thrust your shoulders back, open your chest and heart, examine the life emerging from the ground, in the trees, within yourself.  Be mindful of the change in the air from morning to afternoon, the position of the springtime sun in the sky, the delicious mossy scent of the grass.

Awaken, not thinking of the past or worrying about the future.  Spring is here!!!  Enjoy this beautiful world around you.


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