A Cathartic Post

I wrote this a few days ago on my Instagram, but felt I wanted to share it here.  It was a cathartic post for me, a reminder to be kind ALWAYS.  It was also a message to someone, who will probably never read it, in hopes that they might realize that by being unkind to those I love won’t make them any better of a person or a good person – and that perhaps their actions should be examined.  Does being mean or hurtful to someone really make you feel better? I highly doubt it.  Being angry is a healthy emotion, but being cruel and unkind to others is another story.  We are all in the beautiful crazy mess called life together.  Let’s support each other. 


It is none of your business what other people say about you or why they say it to you. Even if you think there is an ulterior motive. Be kind. Always. React with kindness. You have no control over who people really are to the core, no control over how they might spew hate or anger out onto you. The only actions and thoughts you have control over are yours. And sure, we all slip up sometimes and let our ego get the best of us and say mean or hurtful things to each other. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pick ourselves right back up and apologize and become a better version of ourselves by learning from our mistakes. I have a cute hat from @spiritualgangster that says “Namaste” – we say this at the end of yoga classes and I have it as my welcome sign in my home. Not because it is a cool saying (which it is!) but because I REALLY believe it. It is damn hard to find the light in everyone sometimes, especially if they are making a point to make you uncomfortable or be mean to you or someone you love. But that light that is within you is within them. That same light that brings joy and love. They are filled with love, too. Maybe they just have a harder time seeing it in others. Doesn’t mean you have to react with anger to them. At the end of the day, we are all connected. When you have a hard time seeing the light in someone else, know that it is THERE. Same as you. Be kind. ✌️

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