All About This Song

Seriously.  This song is 100% one of my favorites right now.  The message is simple and fun and true –  I tell you it is hard to be a mama to a girl, and know she will face some serious body shaming issues someday thanks to the media and friends.  But this song is sending a great message to her – love yourself, dance, have fun, and don’t worry what others think.  And that you can have a hit song without having to be overly sexy, take your clothes off, or show off your unmentionables.  All you need is a cute outfit, a smile, and some fun dance moves.  And turn up that bass!!  And yes, we do turn up the bass and groove around our living room.  Enjoy!




If you’re a mama to a girl, what is your biggest fear when it comes to how the media portrays women?

Do you think this song sends a good message, or does it feed into the “body shaming” culture?