Letters to Olive : Morning Lesson

Dear Olive,

Watching you sleep, I feel totally, completely, utterly full of love. It brings me joy and centers me to see you so peaceful. I am in awe of you. You make me a kinder person. Mostly because being around you helps me remember messages of love I want to tell you, I want to share with you, I want you to know.

This morning, watching you dream, this thought came to me:

Don’t ever let anyone fool you into thinking that being kind or being nice is a weakness.

It is not.

It is the exact opposite.

Extending yourself to people who have hurt you, don’t know you, don’t care to know you, or don’t like you, is a brave and bold step. Smiling and being kind is too often seen as being too nice or trying too hard. Since when did expressions of love and forgiveness become something so easily made fun of?

Now, not everyone in life is going to like you. That is a fact. And you’re not going to like everyone that crosses your path, either. It hurts me already to know that someone out there may not see your beautiful energy the way I do, but it scares me even more that you might in turn be unkind to them, too. I don’t want you to be like that. I don’t want you to take the easy way out. You should treat others the way you would treat your close friends. Love thy neighbor – we are all neighbors. And Love is a strong word, but I think you’ll find it is the best, if not only answer to all of your problems.

It is also the hardest answer.

See Olive, it’s easy to curl your lip behind someone’s back in hate. It’s easy to be negative and gossip. It’s also fairly easy to let someone else’s anger seep into your blood, make it boil, let it grow, until all you can see is the negative parts about yourself that they don’t like, and then in turn your anger at them for not seeing you the way you want to be seen will join their negative feelings, and soon you’ll forget why you even hate this person, but you just know that you hate them with all of your being. And it is REALLY easy to roll your eyes and think nasty thoughts about someone, because you think, oh they are just thoughts, I’ll keep them to myself.

But thoughts become words, actions, and they make you who you are. I don’t ever want that kind of discord to run in your veins. It has run in mine before, and I was not a good person for it. Be better than me.

It is HARD to smile and say good morning (and MEAN it) to someone who dislikes you. It is hard to extend yourself, offer of yourself to those who have hurt you. It can be really difficult to take the high road. But it will bring you peace, joy, and the knowledge that you did the right thing. And it might bring them a sense of peace and joy, too. They might not see it, might not want to accept it, might never admit it, but inside, they will know. Because love is love.

Someday, you’ll forget this, or you’ll be too tired, too angry, or too sad, and you’ll need someone to remind you that you’re not showing a weakness, but rather being strong and good, and giving love in small ways. That’s ok. That’s what Mama is for.

Thank you for making me a better person.

I hope you had a wonderful and peaceful sleep.

I Love you,


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