I Skimm, You Skimm, We Skimm

I’ve been touting the fabulousness of theSkimm for awhile now to my friends, so I have to share my favorite part of my morning routine with all of you.  Monday thru Friday, at about 6:00AM I get my daily dose of world news and celebrity mishaps all within one, incredibly well written, hilarious email.  It’s actually a daily email you’ll want to open (and we all know how some daily emails are easily ignored until the afternoon when you absolutely have to address them.)  The founders may or may not be on my “personal heroes” list –  if you check out interviews with them, they are two incredibly savvy and well spoken individuals.  Hooray for millennials who are doing things with their lives!  All is not lost.

The concept behind theSkimm is “We read, you Skimm” – in short, they do all of the hard work, (actually reading the news and gathering facts) and combine it all in one short email that essentially has “skimmed” the papers and news for you so you can be up to date on issues that you should be paying attention to, but might not have the time to.  Even if you stay home and read the paper each morning back to front with your french press and a croissant from the local bakery, by all means, you should still read theSkimm just for good writing and a laugh or two.

If you need any convincing, here is a link for today’s edition of TheSkimm: Enjoy!   http://www.theskimm.com/2014/07/23/skimm-for-july-23rd-2

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How do you get your daily news?

If you had time to read the paper or watch a morning news show in full, would you?