Tonight You Are Four




Tonight You Are Four

by Anne Daigler


“It’s the eve of your birthday, and you’re asleep, so of course, like any time grasping mama, I’m looking at pictures of when you were a baby. Did this happen? How are you 5 tomorrow already? How did you learn to run as fast as you can, to sing so loudly with such gusto, to explain flavors of food? When did the teeny tiny nugget with half opened unseeing eyes and doll sized fingers that grasped randomly at air become a little person that holds my gaze with command, and throws a solid pitch? When did you get so funny? Maybe if I hold you tightly enough you will stop growing, I teased you today, but you rolled your eyes and said no, mama, that’s silly you’re a silly bean and I’m going to grow up tomorrow and I’m going to be taller than you and everyone! And I believe you maybe, for a second, but for tonight, you’re still four and still somehow fit perfectly in my arms, eyes closed, hands holding mine. “

-AMD 6/15/14


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