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Welcome to my blog, Single Moments! Glad you stopped by!

I’d like to take this first post and tell you about what you can expect to read and see here, what I hope you take away from this, and where my own personal vision fits in!

Beginning this specific route in social media has been in my head and on my heart for quite some time.  Luckily, I have some wonderful friends and family who know my passion for reading, writing, daily inspiration, and they have encouraged me to begin a blog as an outlet where I can write out my ideas, share some amazing products I love, links to interesting reads, and maybe inspire someone along the way.  Plus, I have the greatest daily inspiration: my very own mini-me, my sweet daughter, Olive!


My daily inspiration – my daughter!



I’ve been sharing tidbits here and there on Instagram and by email, and luckily I’ve had a chance to really connect with some fantastic people and find some similar mamas or writers in the social media world.  Not wanting to “copycat” or disappear into the blogging masses, it took me quite some time to think about what I really wanted to convey to readers, and HOW I could connect with you, maybe inspire you, and what my place in the “blogging world” would be.  It came down to realizing the most obvious choice: I’m simply going to  be myself (which isn’t that the most important life lesson of all?), and I invite you to read along and share your day with me.  I love people, I love new friends, and I’m so happy you are here!

My Blog name, “Single Moments”, came from a few details that are very important to me.

Single Parenting

I am, by most definitions, a single mom (SINGLE MOMents).  However, I am lucky enough to be able to co-parent with my daughter’s (more about her, later!) wonderful father and his family, so I cannot take complete credit for doing this all by myself.  I have plenty of help, and do not want to fool you into thinking I’m raising my beautiful baby alone.  My mom was by ALL definitions a single mom –  never married, and adopted and raised me all by her fantastic self.  There are so many women who are as brave and strong as she is, and I salute you.  I’m continually amazed by her as I navigate these parenting waters! More about our journey together in posts to follow.

Live in the Moment

“Single Moments” was also born out of my personal belief that the most important moment is the one we are in RIGHT NOW.  You will never have this moment again.  There are a quite a few elements to this belief which I’ll write more about later, but I’ll include the most obvious in this introduction:

“Singular” is defined by the dictionary as follows:
sin·gu·lar [sing-gyuh-ler]
1. extraordinary; remarkable; exceptional: a singular success.
2. unusual or strange; odd; different: singular behavior.
3. being the only one of its kind; distinctive; unique: a singular example.

This moment, you are alive, you are breathing, you are someone EXTRAORDINARY that is contributing to this world!  You may also be different, weird, or quirky, but that makes you completely you: an amazing individual.  We are unique and one of a kind, and each moment that we have is unique and one of a kind –  and some moments might be weird or quirky (especially on Mondays)!

This is also the reason I struggled with the most that I did NOT want to begin this blog.  Why, when encouraging other readers to put down the electronics and go enjoy REAL life around them, would I want to create something that does the exact opposite?  It is so important to me as a mama to not miss a second with my daughter.  Each day is so precious, and it is such a gift to watch her grow and learn and come into her own.  After some thinking (and I mean MONTHS of thinking), I realized that social media is our world now –  this is the age of sharing, connecting, tweeting, and inspiring others by way of social media.  As a society, we use our devices to not just distract ourselves for a minute, but also to be inspired, to be motivated, to learn.  And…there are days where scrolling through your Instagram or Twitter feed for awhile to find beautiful pictures or to get motivated are absolutely more than justified!

Navy Everything!

A little bit more about me?  I’m a “part-time Type A” organized girl who is a sucker for navy striped anything, homemade Southern comfort food, running tips, beautiful stationary (Rifle Paper Co.!), and a delicious cup of coffee.


My hope is that you enjoy all of those sentiments while visiting Single Moments!  I can’t wait to connect with each of you, and I hope you enjoy everything you read and see here, as each post will come from a piece of my heart.


If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, please do so!




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