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  • spring weekend

    Is there anything better than a warm, sunny spring day, the smell of rain in the air, birds greeting each other,  actually feeling the heat of the sun, and not just basking in the cold winter light…and at 7:00PM nonetheless? The sweet liberation in shedding layers and sweaters and coats, and trading your winter boots for a […]

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  • A Cathartic Post

    I wrote this a few days ago on my Instagram, but felt I wanted to share it here.  It was a cathartic post for me, a reminder to be kind ALWAYS.  It was also a message to someone, who will probably never read it, in hopes that they might realize that by being unkind to […]

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  • All About This Song

    Seriously.  This song is 100% one of my favorites right now.  The message is simple and fun and true –  I tell you it is hard to be a mama to a girl, and know she will face some serious body shaming issues someday thanks to the media and friends.  But this song is sending a […]

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  • Journaling, Simplified

    Growing up, I never kept a consistent journal.  Which is ridiculous for someone who likes to write so much, but I never was able to sit down, day after day, and enter my thoughts, my ideas, hopes, dreams etc.  I did, however, write poetry.  Pages upon pages of words, rhymes, blurbs, “brainstorming” they called it […]

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  • An Anxious Moment

    I’ve decided not to be too strict with myself about this blog – I have two full time jobs (my work place and being a mama), both which require my full attention, but I DO want to give this my full attention as well. I apologize for the lack of an update in the past […]

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  • Lilly Agendas

    They’re here! They’re here! Lilly Pulitzer Agendas are finally available to order and ship.  If you haven’t already pre-ordered yours, you can now shop all of the styles, and even snag some free neon pens with your purchase! My favorite is the Trippin and Sippin –  I love the blue and hot pink!  I love […]